Urgent! Could you help Neo and other animals needing foster homes?

Neo is not a stray but needs a temporary foster home for 6 months in the UK while his owner is travelling abroad. I know and love Neo so want to find him somewhere which will make him happy! He will make you happy too-he is a lovely boy with a lot of character.


Food etc would be provided and any expenses covered. Any vet visits would also be paid for.

He has a couple of very easily managed health problems i.e. a heart pill which he munches like a sweet and an occasional flare up of skin problems which are easily treated-nothing complicated at all! He would need to be kept indoors with no chance of escape for a few weeks then it would be nice if he could have some monitored outside access in a safe area.


He is a solo cat but is usually fine with other cats-one cat used to come into his house and they got on just fine! It is possible that he would get on ok with a dog. All animals are different-some get on with some other animals but not others-like people 🙂 We need to know as soon as possible as if nowhere can be found, he will have to go to Bulgaria to stay with family members there but it is far from ideal for a number of reasons.


Could you help? This would especially suit someone who might not want the commitment of taking on an animal permanently but he would fit in to many other situations-do ask me!


London would be ideal so that I could help if there are any issues or changes of plan but it depends on the situation and resources.


I am also always looking for short term fosters for cats that I rescue-anything from a few days to a bit longer while I look for permanent homes. Sometimes cats need to come in at very short notice but I have nowhere for them to go. If you would like me to add you to my list of potential fosterers or can give a temporary home to Neo, please contact me at mamacattrust@googlemail.com

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