Homes needed urgently! Neuter your pets!

This has been the year of the garden cats! It has just been one lot after another-I have never known it to be so bad…it’s never-ending. Of course, none of this would happen if people neutered their cats. Female cats can get pregnant at 4 months old and although some vets still recommend neutering at 5-6 months, many now realise that this is not early enough and thankfully, have changed to earlier sterilising. It is obviously better to neuter early than have more unwanted kittens when there are thousands of cats already homeless. It is even worse for a little four month old cat, still a kitten herself, to have to grow through a 9 week pregnancy then have to bring up kittens of her own. Imagine how much worse again when the poor cat is a stray outside having to fend for itself AND a litter. This is unnecessary suffering-neuter your cats and encourage others to do so-it’s a life saver. There are schemes for free neutering if you are on a low income or wanting to have stray cats neutered. Don’t wait until it is too late! Please contact me with any questions.

When kittens are born outside and not socialised i.e. not used to being handled by people, it becomes very difficult for them to be tamed, therefore almost impossible to home. Eight weeks is the cut-off point-anything after that can be very hard indeed as they have become feral. There are more than enough friendly, affectionate kittens who there are not enough homes for without adding a load more untouchable ones to the mix!

I picked up a family of five garden cats today for neutering who have to go back outside. I absolutely hate putting them back but there is no choice-we are all overwhelmed with cats and massive waiting lists. I need to find homes for them urgently but for now they will be returned to the garden that they came from where they are living as strays. There have already been a couple of litters born but today that at least, has ended-I had them all neutered so their lives have improved a lot! Now I need to find special homes.

Whole feral fam bird's eye!

The mum, Billie, is all black and totally friendly and sweet-she has obviously had a home in the past.

Whole feral family Bane is a fluffy tabby boy, previously thought to be a girl as the kittens were always trying to suckle from him! He is a tiny bit shy but that would go quickly.

Skinny Pete is also a girl with a boys name-a skittish tabby but full of character. She would come round with patience and love.


Skinny Pete?These two little ones would also get braver after a short while-Mike, (Tyson,) the black one, is quite cheeky and bold and his brother Cheetara is quite the baby-very timid but not at all aggressive and would soon respond to love. They all need a little patience but would reward you with their trust-it is such a special feeling when that happens. I would like them to go as a pair-they love to cuddle!

Mike and tabby

Mike on wallBaby Mike


All homes would be subject to a home check and adoption donation. If this could be you, please email me

Up until now, I have been so pleased to find the best homes for the cats and kittens that I rescue that I usually don’t ask for an adoption donation but I really need to in future in  order to continue to rescue. I have high veterinary bills which have to be paid and as I am entirely self funded, this can run to a lot of money to raise. Each animal that I rescue will have incurred many costs at the vets as well as flea and worming treatment and good quality food before it reaches it’s new home in tip-top condition. A mum and kittens will have often cost several hundred pounds. Thankfully, some people do give a donation anyway which is always gratefully received but it will now need to be part of the adoption procedure, although there will be no set fee. It is very rare that a donation is received when I help someone to solve their cat problem whether it be rehoming their own unwanted cat or dealing with a stray, trapping garden cats which are causing issues for them and their neighbours, helping with behaviour issues, supplying fox advice and mange treatment and a myriad of other things I am asked to help with. These things also cost a lot of money!

As Autumn comes, I hope to start making some changes to Mama Cat Trust and look forward to exciting times ahead!

Cat with apple in mouth!


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