Q: How do you raise funds?

We were fortunate to receive a donation of money and baskets from Animal Aid and Advice and a donation of a trap and basket from Snip International. We also received kind donations from Sirene, a wonderful boutique in Brighton and the lovely Joan Hewitt. This all helped to get the project off the ground but we will need to generate more funds in order to continue.

Q: Who traps the cats?

I do when I am in Spain. In between times I leave the equipment with Luigi who has mastered the art of trapping when necessary!

Q. Do you believe in euthanasia for cats?

Mama Cat has a policy of non-destruction unless to bring a merciful end to incurable suffering in exceptional circumstances.

Q. How can I help?
We urgently need to raise funds in order to carry on with our work. I know a lot of people raise money by being sponsored to run marathons for some of the big charities so if any energetic sole would consider running for Mama Cat instead we would be eternally grateful? We currently need to raise £5000 to become a registered charity.

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