Thank you from Mama Cat!

Not all Mama Cat Trust supporters and followers celebrate Christmas but for those who do, Merry Christmas to you! For those who don’t, have a wonderful week!

There are exciting changes coming in the new year-more of this soon but for now, thank you for all your support-it is very much appreciated and helps to save many animals.

Please spare a thought for strays and wildlife at this time of year by leaving out a bowl of water, food and maybe even a simple shelter. If you see a fox in trouble, please do something about it especially if they have mange-it is easily treated in situ. Don’t leave it too late-they will die in pain from something that is easily treatable. I have been treating foxes for mange for years and rescuing more and more but recently I had to pick up one cub who was too far gone with mange and he died. He need not have done-make it a new year resolution to be vigilant and a little help can go a very long way! I will be looking for a network of volunteers to join a fox rescue group as part of Mama Cat Trust. Contact me at


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