1. So sad to hear about Queenie. Having just acquired a cat from Barcelona and in a matter of months dont know what I would do if something happened to him. I cant imagine how sad you must be feeling. But just know that gave her a very good life.
    LOL Carol X

  2. sinead

    Hi, I live in upper Clapton in hackney and have a cat colony in my garden. I can count as many as twenty in one go. I keep an eye on them all and feed them as often as possible. Though I’m really worried about them all as very young cats are becoming pregnant and many are losing hair. They are all too thin. They seem to enjoy their feral life but I think it can be much improved! I looked into neutering costs but alas I could not afford to help them alone. They are also very scared of human contact though some of them are beginning to trust me. There are many tom cats who have not been done, I presume none of them have had the care they need. Can you offer any advice? One who has just had her litter, I am managing to feed every day, she is crying often and extremely hungry. Any advice welcome!

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