Street cats going hungry in Cambrils

I should be in Spain now on a rescue trip but due to my own old Queenie cat being too frail to leave, I had to cancel. I had recently been getting many reports from Cambrils that some of the street cats were hardly been fed at all as some of the feeders had either left the area or simply couldn’t afford to feed them anymore. The crisis has hit badly there and times are really tough which means street animals are suffering too. Previously, the main priority had been with neutering programmes-the cats always had plenty of food…that is no longer the case. I tried to put many people I had contact with in the area in touch with each other in the hope that they could maybe work together to find a solution but we didn’t really find one yet. We still need to do that but meanwhile, cats are suffering. My mother went on the trip anyway and she tells me that many cats have no food now at all and are crying. As an interim measure, I have arranged for my mum to buy food to give to a feeder tomorrow but this will not last long. If anybody would like to make a donation to the food fund, the Paypal button is on this page. If anyone has any ideas for a long term solution, I would also be grateful.
Me feeding in Cambrils

One comment

  1. Beverley Van Gelder

    Lets all pull together for this one
    Lots of even little bits of help can
    Help the cats in this time of crisis
    Until Karen can get back to continue.
    Good on you, Karen’s mum,in the meantime.

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