A Happy New Year from Mama Cat

The New Year has brought all sorts of news, as usual both good and bad but there is always going to be sad news where animals are concerned as our emotions are constantly put to the test.  Fortunately, it is always balanced out by many more happy endings. At the end of 2012, we lost Mama Cat, the real life Mama Cat who started it all. Although I had been in animal rescue for many years when I first visited Cambrils in Spain, it was Mama Cat that inspired me to start up on my own and also help the cats in this area as well as the UK. She made quite an impact on me as she struggled on the street with litter after litter of kittens that disappeared and was the very first cat I had neutered. She was also the first one I took off the streets there and she lived happily in a home until recently when she developed some health problems. I was so terribly upset when I heard the news but her legacy lives on!

With Mama Cat and Sebastian

With Mama Cat and Sebastian

Mama Cat 1 yr on

Just before the new year, I disturbed an injured fox resting in my garden in the daytime-he was so healthy looking with a big bushy tail but as he tried to get away from me, I noticed that he had difficulty walking and was limping badly.  I do a lot of work with foxes usually for mange treatment and advice to people needing help but have never actually caught one in an emergency situation so was not quite sure what to do. I spoke to a few fox rescuers for moral support and tried to think of a plan. Mr Fox went and hid himself at the side of my house behind a lot of the stuff that the builders had left for the holiday and although I could see his fluffy tail sticking out, my arm was not long enough to reach behind to grab his scruff. It took hours as I had tried to barricade him in with various bits and pieces that were in my shed with the only way out being into my cat trap. At one point I moved away so that he could manoeuver himself into a more comfortable position. Suddenly he came hobbling round the garden-even on three legs, he was going at some speed and I could not get near enough to even throw a towel over him. I also noticed that his front leg was broken and flopping about. He then jumped up on my six feet high walls and my heart was in my mouth as I thought I was going to lose him. I called over the wall to a woman with her dog to come nearer so that he would be dissuaded from jumping that way and thankfully that worked. Soon he was back in his original hidey hole and by gently stroking his tail, inch by inch, persuaded him into the trap. I was up real close to his face a lot of the time and although he was obviously afraid, he seemed to trust me and didn’t try to bite me. His face was so beautiful.

Fox Rubbernose in trap

My adrenaline level was high by the time I got him into the trap-it had been a long day! I called Enfield Wildlife but they had just closed and suggested I drove him to their local vet which I did.  The journey was a bit stressful for the poor boy and he was making all sorts of noises. It was a good idea that I had put down plastic sheeting in my car too as he had utilised all of his orifices-wow-did it smell foxy! The vets made him comfortable for the night and observed him then although he had a fractured leg,  Enfield Wildlife agreed to take him to see if he could recover enough to be released-it was a long shot as front leg fractures are the worst but we wanted to give him every chance. Foxes are very stressed if confined to a small space which they need to be if bones are to fix and he hurt himself trying to escape. Because of this he would not be able to go to a sanctuary being a wild animal and used to an unrestricted lifestyle. Some foxes can adapt to captivity but usually from a cub therefore they do not have the same fear. After almost two weeks in captivity and after a vet also found nerve damage, we very sadly had to say goodbye to the beautiful boy. We had tried everything to save him but there was nothing else we could do. It is so heartbreaking but sometimes the kind and gentle goodbyes are every bit as important as the dramatic rescues. Thank you so much to Barry Smitherman for giving him the chance he deserved. RIP Rubbernose the fox. Run free.

Fox on wall 1

Now for some fabulous news-the kittens that I rescued from the rocks in Spain are on their way to a wonderful new home in the UK. From the minute I found them squealing in distress and brought them in, I made a commitment to do whatever it took to bring them to the UK and find an amazing home and I am so happy that we have made it. They have been so lucky to have had nothing but the best-it is a real rags to riches story! Alexia and Salvador will be living in luxury in London where they will have everything they could ever want but most of all, loving caring owners who are off to collect them from France this weekend-thank you Meg and Mike! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the kind help from Alex Salvador and El Jardinet dels Gats in Barcelona and Annika Lahdeniemi in Paris who has looked after them with so much love so thank you again from me on behalf of those happy kittens.

pet passports

Have Pet Passports-will travel! Bon Voyage!

Kittens posing on armchair!

Any contributions towards the costs of rescuing these two kittens or any of the other animals I deal with in the UK on a daily basis would be most gratefully accepted as would any fundraising ideas. If anybody would like to have a go at fundraising, that would be great be it a fun-run, cake-bake, a stall, sponsored things, anything! Please contact me at mamacattrust@googlemail.com

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