Goodbye to Queenie

It is one long and heartbreaking week today since I had to say goodbye to my lovely Queenie, just one month off her 21st birthday. She was the only one of my cats who was kind of normal, that’s to say, not a feral, stray or unwanted cat-she was wanted from the second I saw her being born in the middle of the night, several hours after my ex-partner’s little boy cat, ahem, gave birth to two boy kittens! We had met just before Stanley gave birth-a little too late to point out the error!
Queenie and everything 901
I have dealt with all sorts of sad and horrendous things during my time in rescue on a daily basis and I have had to have many cats put to sleep when they came to the end of their lives but it never gets easier-it just gets harder. I am absolutely grief stricken-Queenie has been around from the beginning of my years in rescue and has been there as a long serving member of my family. I spent more years altogether with her, day in, day out, than I did with my actual family from birth to leaving home-it is amazing when I think of it in that way! It makes it less surprising that I am finding it so difficult to get used to her not being around and why I miss her so much.
Queenie and everything 082
Queenie put up with the resident cats as well as all the other rescues that have passed through-she never really liked any of them much! There were one or two over the years who were so sweet, they forced her to like them and so she did, after a fashion but basically she was the boss who didn’t approve of other cats and everyone knew it…and dogs…she wanted to kill all of them and would ambush them and try. Last Christmas, she was more wobbly and was liable to fall over if she took a lunge at a cat or a dog so Alfie, my mum’s dog who came to stay, got away with receiving just the one swipe-a triumph for him!

She was such a feisty girl but had been getting more and more ailments over the years-she had fought off mammary cancer and had her ear canal removed a couple of years ago-although she was totally deaf, this made her more comfortable. I’m sure she knew that I sang songs to her every day anyway! She also had an ulcer on her eye-none of these things really bothered her-it was me who caused her the trouble as I had to do different procedures/yucky stuff on her each day which meant I had to give her treats each day too. She liked this a lot! Every day, although stone deaf, she ‘heard’ the fridge open at lunchtime and would sidle through for a few blobs of dairy free spread while I had my lunch-she absolutely loved it and this was no exception on her very last day. I always said it was the secret to her longevity and I told her every day, that she was to live to 32! I wish she had.

Queenie and everything 550
Because she has made such an impact on my life and been such a massive part of it, I want to commemorate her in some way which will also help Mama Cat Trust. Unlike so many cats living on the streets all over the world, she lived a charmed life from the minute she was born and wanted for nothing and it would ne nice to be able to help other needy cats in her name. I’m not sure just yet how but for now, rest in peace Queenie-you made my life more fantastic and so much fun.


  1. Steve Simms

    Dear Karen

    So sorry to hear of the loss of Queenie. having read your wonderful obituary for her I know that she probably had the best of lives. Really enjoyed the memories that you have written here – Queenie would have been proud of such a great testimonial !- She lived a life – which I hope gives comfort to you at such a difficult time. love Steve and Bloom x

  2. Jet

    Hi Karen,
    Having met Queenie when I picked up Bobbie & Dena she was a formidable lady. I am so sorry to hear she is no longer here. I hope you can take comofort in the fact she had the best life with you and was cared for so lovingly when she needed it most. I will give Bobbie and Dena an extra coudle tonight. Take care.
    Jet & Tony
    Bobbie & Dena

  3. Nic Van Gelder

    Wonderful, Karen. Simply wonderful. Such a heartfelt & moving account of such a sweet, good-natured, angel if a cat. RIP Queenie! Here’s to the continuing efforts of Mama Cat Trust. For all cats. For Queenie. xx

  4. Sarah Morgan

    Sweetie! I am soooo sorry to hear about Queenie! Absolutely tragic – she was so beautiful – what a sweet tiger face! Thinking of you! Sarah x

  5. Velvet Morgan

    Dear Karen
    I’m sarah’s daughter I’m so sorry about Queenie I can’t even imagine if Robbie died! I’m cat crazy!!!
    P.S Robbie is still grounded!
    From velvet xxx

    • mamacatadmin

      Thank you so much to everybody for your kind comments-it has been amazing-so many messages, emails and Facebook comments for lovely Queenie.
      Velvet-thank you-keep Robbie grounded FOREVER! I remember when the silly boy went missing! I have a fantastic photo, made into a card, of you riding Hercules and Percy with Barney-it is on display in my kitchen as I write as I love the colours on it. I found a photo of your mother and Percy, (the cat,not your brother!) just last night when I was looking for photos of Queenie.
      I hope to see you all one of these days.
      Karen x

  6. Katherine Raeburn

    Dear Karen, what a wonderful obituary for Queenie. At 21 she’s a wonder cat. She’s had a heck of a life with all the rescues passing through but in a good way. Maybe she taught the other cats something too. Sending lots of love to you from me and all my catsies, Katherine, Spooky, Bobby and Wee Carla xxxxxx lots of purrs all over the world

    • mamacatadmin

      Thank you Katherine…and Spooky, Bobby and Wee Carla! I’m still missing Queenie loads-I bought a magnolia tree for her and was going to bury her ashes in it’s big pot but I can’t quite plant it and do it-I don’t want to put her outside! X

  7. Pamela

    Dear Karen, I can only imagine how you are feeling remembering the loss of Napoleon and Josephine, although they only made it to 11 and 13. 21 years is absolutely amazing. It is so hard when they go and somehow we may never fully get “over” the fact that they are no longer there – but perhaps in a good way: they will always be a part of us. Thinking of you. Pamela (Gwen, Morgana and Momo).

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