Cats Galore!

Spring sprung early this year with extraordinarily sunny days in April here in the UK and it was no different in Spain. When I visited last, the warm weather had resulted in a glut of pregnant cats-everywhere I looked there seemed to be more-it was quite overwhelming. I knew I had to try to catch as many females as possible.

I looked for Rodrigo who was pleased to see me but his little tongue was hanging out so I took him to the vet to have it checked out. We always give him a jab of anti-biotics and hope that he will keep going without too much problem.


We visited Tarragona to check out the female at the cathedral that we had neutered after she had had numerous litters, many of whom had come to a terrible end after being poisoned or tortured-it was lovely to see her looking so well and hopefully she will be safer now she is not producing lots of unwanted kittens. One of her sons is still around and he adores his mama-I do hope they will be ok-it is so dangerous there.

Cathedral cat

Back in Cambrils, at the boatyard, there didn’t seem to be much food around and the cats were crying. The man who feeds them hasn’t been well so someone else has been feeding but not really enough. We didn’t see Mimi, the mama, the whole time we were there which is very unusual but they were building there so hopefully she was just keeping a low profile in the rocks.

Boatyard cats

The first female cat I trapped had a problem-when I collected her after neutering, they told me they had found a mammary tumour but didn’t do anything about it. They said they would have to remove all the mammary glands but I knew this wasn”t the case so I asked them to just remove the one with the growth. It was not the normal vet I use so I took a bit of a risk in questioning their decision but it was one I had to take for the sake of the poor cat who would be put back on the street to fend for herself with Cancer. She then had to stay in the vets even longer to wait for another operation. Would you believe that when the day came, they put her under anaesthetic again to find that the tumour had miraculously gone? When I released her, I noticed that it looked like she had been nursing kittens which accounted for the swelling-what a shame this hadn’t been spotted sooner- she belted off up the road-what an ordeal for her! I tried to hot-foot it after her to check if there were kittens but she went too fast.

Eager for release after her tumour scare!

As I was keen to catch as many females as possible, I had a few very early starts but didn’t know which cats would be around so it was a bit of a feline lottery. It was like doing a workout carrying two cats at a time in baskets or traps up to the vets-then back again with another two to deliver back to where they came from-there were many times when I thought I wasn’t going to make it-I built up good muscles!


It really was the trip for ‘cats with something missing’-nearly every cat had either an eye missing or their tail and one or two cats had both missing! They were all fine though and would be in much better shape now they were sterilised.

One of the one eyed poppets!

When I was looking around for some of the female cats, I found one who had just given birth overnight to just one tiny kitten-she had chosen a really safe vacated dog kennel-with cushions inside!

Mum cat and solo kitten

It was lovely to catch up with Luna on this trip too who was adjusting to his life in a proper loving home at last-lucky boy.


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