Cats looking for homes

These two beautiful boys were born on the 2nd March. Fully vaccinated/wormed/flea treated etc.
They are both sensitive little boys that will need a quiet introduction to a new home. They respond much more to play rather than affection from strangers so that does seem to be the way to win them over.
Once they’re settled in they are extremely affectionate and playful.


Athena is a 1-2 year old female marble tabby and has beautiful markings and intense green eyes. She was rescued from Chinatown in New York during a rescue project and brought to London by her rescuer who already has six cats and now has to go back to New York. Athena is a very endearing and quirky character. She is shy, but loves to sleep on your bed, be where you are and chat to you when she wants her supper, but she is still hesitant about being petted. She loves playing with toys, particularly catnip.
She is playful with other cats but would also be happy as a single.


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