An end of the year round up!


Well, what a year that was! I have rescued and homed many cats as usual but also dealt with more foxes than ever before! A day does not go by when I am not helping treat several foxes: we have a big problem here in London where there are a large number of foxes needing assistance but rescuers are very thin on the ground so this is a huge undertaking. Some days I am inundated but always do my utmost to make sure that the very best is done for each and every one of them. With a distinct lack of facilities in  London and no rehabilitation centres, I have to treat a lot of foxes outside but this has been very successful with many lives saved. I have good support from my vet so I am able to provide the appropriate treatment. I have a very large garden with room for a small rehabilitation unit but as it is a shared garden, unfortunately this is impossible! Very often by the time a fox has become ill enough to be noticed, it is too late but in many cases, had help been sought sooner, the fox’s life could have been saved. If you see a fox with mange or other problems, it can be treated! Please contact me at

This is Bertie who had mange and eye problems which were easily treated outside.12032951_10153000221662100_5876801060217065092_n.jpg

And this is Little Miss who also had mange and had taken up residence in a lady’s garage-she is all well now but still living part time in the garage!


If you would be interested in helping as a volunteer, I would be delighted to hear from you so please get in touch-this could be anything from offering services as a driver to transport animals around, mostly foxes and cats through to fostering or fundraising.


I’ve successfully homed every cat that has come into my care this year so to finish off the year perfectly, I would love to find a home for this lovely stray boy who has been living outside for over a year relying on those who are kind enough to feed him but are not in a position to offer him a home.

We call him Paddy-could you make his New Year a happy one?


Earlier in the year, a lovely lady called Violet contacted me as her home was being demolished and she needed help in homing the stray cat that she had taken in. I was happy to help and found a great home every quickly. Violet knitted lots of fab catnip mice and retro style pet blankets to help raise funds for Mama Cat Trust-the mice in particular were so popular that they were snapped up immediately in time for Christmas-cats love them! Violet is busy working on another batch which I’m sure will go quickly so contact me if you are interested.



I also had to help monitor the stray cats and foxes in the area that was being demolished -I have been asked to intervene several times this year in similar cases. Concerned people always want me to move the foxes but I assure them that foxes are very good at relocating themselves!

Foxes and cats living outside in harmony ….as they always do! These lovely photos were by Ceren Sonmez-this area is due to be demolished and will displace many cats and foxes…..


Recently, we said goodbye to a very special cat, Audrey aged 17. I caught her as one of a litter of very feral kittens while trapping and neutering a big cat colony in Holloway Road. Two of the kittens went to friends for taming and Audrey came to me as she was the last caught-she was too clever to be caught so easily! Her siblings were so wild that after several months of no progress, they went to live as stable cats but Audrey stayed with me. She mellowed over the years but she was always a feral at heart.

Please consider giving a home to a feral cat-the rewards are even bigger than with a domesticated cat as each little step on the road to trust is even more special-it is an amazing experience!



Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you all!




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