Stray mama cat and babies need lovely homes!

A few weeks ago, I was called out to a young cat who was desperately begging for food in the neighbourhood. When I caught her, I checked her over and immediately spotted that she was nursing kittens so had to release her and try to locate them. This was easier said than done as after eating, she would hot-foot it over fences leaving me clambering after her, grazing my knees and ending up with twigs and leaves stuck in my hair! I managed to work out that she was in the grounds of the local church and spoke to those living in the vicarage but they were just about to go away so I could not easily continue my search. There were various locked gardens around the church-I did speak to the priest and others but access was difficult so I just had to just carry on climbing!


Eventually just over 3 weeks ago, I was tracking the mum cat, climbed over a fence and she seemed to slow down and stop. She looked me in the eye, gave a half hearted hiss and kind of nodded her head towards a tangled heap of debris. I crept along and was relieved to find a pile of surprised looking kittens staring at me, eyes agog. It was as if she had decided to concede defeat and let me take over after all! I quickly bundled them up and had to trap her as she was quite skittish.

kittens on sofa

Once home, she seemed to be delighted with her decision to let me bring them in and while I examined them on my lap and wiped their eyes, she fell fast asleep on the other sofa. After a good snooze, she came and joined them on my lap.


Since then, they have learned everything and are bundles of fun, playing and rolling about then sleeping in cuddled heaps!
They are all now bouncing with health and ready to go new homes. This is always emotional for me but especially this time as I invested so much emotionally in finding them and bringing them to safety-I was really against the clock and was searching for them in between all the other rescues and animal traumas for about 3 weeks!


So, the beautiful, sweet natured and so friendly mum needs a lovely home-she is hardly more than a kitten herself and my vet and I agree that she gave birth very young indeed-she is still well under a year old.

mum cat on sofa
The babies need to go in pairs-one pair is already going to live less than 5 minutes from me and very near to where they were living rough. I hope that I can find homes with people I know so that I can continue to see them forever!




If you could offer a loving and safe home, please contact me on


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