So many cats, dogs and a fox with no tail…

I am juggling cats and dogs like crazy at the moment, not literally-that would be very wrong! It is non-stop with the phone and inbox and it is quite frustrating to invest a lot of time and energy trying to help those who contact me for help to solve their animal problem for it to suddenly go quiet. There is a big flurry of fevered activity then nothing. Phones and emails not answered and no explanation. I just hope all those animals are now ok.
I have had several calls regarding dogs being mistreated and beaten-maybe the hot weather brings out the hot tempers in some people but this behaviour is so sickening and should be taken very seriously with proper punishment and convictions. There is a definite proven correlation between animal abuse and violence towards humans. It is so sad.
Meanwhile, this last week or two, in between administering insulin injections, eye drops, pills and allsorts of medications, I have been trying to deal with several tricky customers. There is the very young cat, hardly more than a kitten herself who has been begging for food in the neighbourhood. I was called out again to her at 8am the other morning and managed to catch her and by 8.15, had released her again as by the look of her underside, she was nursing kittens of her own. I then had to hot-foot it after her as she ran down the street and into the church grounds. It took a lot of climbing around and notes through doors but I think if she does indeed have babies, they are in the hugely overgrown vicarage garden. I managed to gain access but it was impossible as the undergrowth was so thick. I can’t really do anything now except keep clambering around after her to spy on her and wait until she leads me to the kittens.
The lady who called me about this cat has always taken in various strays over the years but is now in poor health and also needed help with her two semi feral ex-strays who are pretty much untouchable but both need to go to the vet quite urgently. The female, Smidge, has become obese and matted and was obviously suffering with a sore mouth. She was the priority and I managed to take her by surprise when she was snoozing in a box and whisked her to the vet. When the other one got wind of this, he would not let me anywhere near him and I had to give up after an hour. I set a trap but he wasn’t having any of that either…..I still need to get him, by stealth!
Poor Smidge ended up having 10 teeth out due to peridontal disease and also had her massive fur clumps removed plus all her tail hair. She was a bit sorry for herself but was pleased to get home after being described as ‘fractious’ at the vets! Smidge alone cost me £375 and if anybody would like to make a donation towards her bill-that would be so helpful. The paypal button is on here.
Smidge facebook

The other night I watched a fox with no tail cautiously tiptoe past a cat that I know-the fox was terrified! I am keeping an eye on him too to make sure there is no infection from where the tail is gone.
As usual, if anybody can help with fostering or fundraising ideas, that would be great.

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