Great news!

The little cat has been offered a fantastic home so she will get a touch of the life she deserves after all her traumas. She has been offered a lovely life for however long she has left, with all the love and comfort that she wants. This is such fantastic news-cats like this are so difficult to home-it takes very special people to take on a cat with a terminal illness as it an emotional and tricky path to take. Thank you Clare and Rob-you are amazing! Looking forward to hearing her new name 🙂


  1. Margaret Harvey

    That is such good news and thank you to that kind couple. I am sure this poor kitty will repay you by her love during the short time she has to live. Well done, Karen, sending a round robin, it paid off.

    • Clare Garrett

      We’ve almost 100% decided she will be Emily, as she looks like such a sweet, sensitive soul. Will be posting the pics on the Mama Cat FB group and let you all know how she gets on:)

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