Another year of rescues!


Another year has gone by too quickly-I have been so incredibly busy with rescues that I have not updated the website for a whole year! But what a year! We have rescued and improved the lives of more foxes than ever; we are starting to build a group of volunteers and supporters via the monthly meetings I hold and we also recently had our first awareness and fundraising stall at the Animal Aid Vegan Christmas Fayre.


The number of cats I am able to help now is lower but it is quality rather than quantity-I often take on the most difficult and expensive of cases and often these cats would have nobody at all to help them if I didn’t. I am as ever, so grateful to my friends at El Jardinet dels Gats in Barcelona without whom I would not be able to help the cats that I do in Spain-it is always the high maintenance ones too! I always donate to them to help to cover the costs but what they do for me is priceless.

Both here and in Spain, it has definitely been the year of the black cat!

This is Pipo who is in the most wonderful foster care in Barcelona after being on the streets for his whole lifetime-at least 14 years. I first met him and his friend/brother Rubio all that time ago when they were being fed by Luigi. They are both sons of the original Mama Cat! I convinced Luigi of the benefits of neutering starting with Mama Cat and we built a great friendship. Luigi retired from his shop a few year ago but carried on feeding them in the street. When I saw him last October, Luigi had become very ill and at Christmas he died. I had known these cats for so long and they were looking old and doddery so I made it my mission to get them off the streets. With help from Alex and El Jardinet, we did so! They loved their new luxury lifestyle with soft beds and constant food and companionship but unfortunately, Rubio died a few months later. He was however surrounded by love and after all the years of being totally feral, finally allowed strokes and he reached out for Alex’s hand with his paw as he left us. I wish he had had longer but again, it was quality not quantity-he had a fabulous final few months.

Pipo is also very ill now with cancer but is having the most wonderful time and is loving his life. I was able to visit him this October, a year after I had last seen him and it was an emotional and heartwarming experience-my grateful thanks to my Spanish friends who made this happen.

On the streets


Safely off the streets!


With amazing foster mum Romina


The tiny kitten Rubin who I rescued in Spain and who has been in the wonderful care of El Jardinet dels Gats-then….


And now….


The church cat Scottie (now Sebastion) who was no longer welcome-now in a fabulous new home after we sorted his painful teeth and enjoying a new lease of life!



We have also rescued many pigeons including a very dramatic incident on November 5th when I saw a pigeon desperately flapping and dangling from its leg by string high up in the trees in Camden Square-too high even for the fire brigade to help-they did attend but it was too difficult.  It took several hours, several grey hairs and several hundred pounds but by employing a tree surgeon, we eventually got ‘Dangle’ the pigeon down to safety. With thanks to my friend Paul, after a period in his excellent care and a splint on the damaged foot, Dangle was released back with her flock. I still see her most days-it is a delight!


Most of the work we do is mange treatment-it is so prevalent and causes so much suffering. Please, if you see a fox with hair loss or looking poorly, get in touch-mange kills without treatment so you could be helping save a fox from a most miserable death.





I have had to do a lot of work to undo the exploits of ‘pest controllers’ who try to convince the public that foxes pose some sort of threat-this of course is not at all true and is based on mistruths but it is not helped by the media which also promotes such sensationalism. ‘Pest controllers’ rely on this to keep the cash rolling in. We can advise on humane deterrents which is the only effective way of dealing with any issues.  I spend a lot of time persuading people/organisations who are finding foxes problematic, that there are alternatives to killing. Most of the time they listen although they sometimes have to be persuaded via a peaceful but robust campaign. We have had great success with this!

There have been so many dramatic and life saving rescues but the best way to keep up with them is by following Mama Cat Trust on Facebook or by sending me a personal friend request.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in attending one of my monthly fox rescue meetings, email me at

At this time of year, people often ask about the Amazon Wishlist-please email me for details of this. Should you wish to make a donation, you can PayPal to


Here are just a few of the many foxes saved this year-most of these survived against the odds-

This one was foraging outside a busy high street supermarket and was far too unafraid of people. When I arrived, as you can see, she was not behaving as a fox should. There are a number of reasons to cause this behaviour including toxoplasmosis, mange and a heavy worm burden and she is being treated for all of these. She will not be released but will be in the care of a sanctuary. 




This poor fox had probably been attacked by a dog and had very bad injuries



Blind in one eye but after being treated for mange, perfectly fine to be released in her very safe area where she is monitored daily



Before, with goalpost netting getting tighter road her neck as she grew



After being checked and under observation for no hidden damage

This one was thought to have fallen from scaffolding as a thud was heard and he was seen lying on the pavement but crawled under a car. Luckily somebody called us and although he was in a lot of pain, in shock and could have died, he is now doing absolutely fine and just waiting for the swelling to go down so he can be released! 



One we have been successfully treating in situ for mange-she also frequents a supermarket!thumbnail_2399aebc-c525-4c07-b840-3db70e4f0d43.jpg

Thank you so much for your support and a happy 2019!


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