Special home needed for special kittens!

These timid babies were born outside to a feral mama cat and are needing a special home! With a little patience and love, the rewards of bringing up previously feral kittens, are immense-each little step shared with them on their journey to learning to trust is such a thrill!


I was called out to them over two weeks ago and had to trap them high up on a 10 ft wall which was quite a feat in itself! I had the mum neutered and after much deliberation, decided to return her to her safe and leafy outside home where she was very close to another cat, and was obviously happy. However, the kittens needed to be tamed and given the chance of a happy and loving home.


It is very difficult to split them up as they have been through a lot and have so much fun together so the ideal home would be one that would take all three. Three is only a teeny bit more than two! I have homed three at once a few times before and although the new owners have occasionally been a little hesitant about the commitment of three all at once, they have never regretted it and agree that three is not really much different to two and would recommend it!



Could it be you?

Please contact me at mamacattrust@googlemail.com


  1. Lynda Evans


    We took in 3 feral very special Spanish kittens 8 years ago and they are now the most loving and affectionate little individuals you could ever meet. There are ups and downs but believe me it really is worth the effort!!! GO FOR IT !!

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