Merry Christmas from Mama Cat!

Well, what an adventure-Carmen is here all the way from Spain just in time for Christmas! In writing the title, it has just occurred to me that she is the same calico colour as the original, now sadly deceased, Mama cat who started it all. I like that! When I first picked her up from the streets, Carmen was blind and had a huge ulcer on one eye which looked like her eye was popping out but with careful nursing and medication, she can now see-it’s amazing! She doesn’t have 20/20 vision or anything like that and she still has a long way to go and more treatment but I was surprised that she could see so well when she arrived.Carmen on chair

She may still need to have one eye removed but we are trying to save it. I’m giving her medication and treating the eyes-she is such a feisty little thing now and wrestles with me when I’m doing it but forgives me and purrs and head-butts me immediately. It is such a delight to see her belting round playing and batting things all over the place. She can see enough to find hidden toys and ambush the big cats and antagonise them although they are mostly taking it quite well considering they are spoilt brats! There are lots of hisses and growls but she is not deterred in her quest to make them like her…and I think she will win. She slept with them on the bed from the first night and hasn’t looked back. I love that I can see how far she is come both literally and metaphorically-from blind on the street to a life of luxury where her wish is my command!

Carmen asleep in cushions

Thank you to everybody who has supported us this last year and who has helped Carmen get to the UK. Special thanks to Alex Salvador, Victoria and all at El Jardinet dels Gats who were as fantastic as ever, to Miguel and Lorena for fostering Carmen so lovingly and to Chris Marshall at ALStrays for transporting her from Spain to the UK and magically sorting problems that others would have baulked at-brilliant!

Me and Carmen when first arrived

Thanks too to everybody who pledged to donate to Mama Cat Trust by monthly standing order-this is great news for continuing to treat as many animals as possible both here in the UK and in Spain. I have managed to help even more animals this year than before.

Over the festive season, please remember a few things that are a danger to cats and dogs-never give them chocolate, raisins, grapes, mince pies etc-they can be highly toxic. Poinsettias and lilies are highly poisonous to cats and you need to make sure pets do not chew holly, mistletoe and christmas cactus. If in doubt about something your pet has chewed-google it-it could save a lot of distress. Here’s my Cristina demonstrating not chewing christmas lights. (I had to buy new lights after she tangled them so badly last year, that they reached the point of no return!)

Cristina and lights

One last thing-it is mating time for foxes now so if you hear the most terrible noises coming from your garden, they are just doing what comes naturally however unnatural it may sound sometimes! If you see a fox in trouble, please try to help. If they have mange, they can be successfully treated-it shouldn’t be left-it is very painful and ultimately fatal. Contact me or check out the Fox Project’s website for constructive advice.

Be kind and compassionate to animals and have a very Merry Christmas!

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