One of the foxes at the centre of the recent controversy over culling

We have all read the scare-mongering but unsubstantiated stories in the press about fox ‘attacks’ and there are some people who don’t question the validity of these tales as it suits them to believe them. Thankfully, most people do not think this way.

Here in London, there are many foxes living in our gardens and in the main, this is a harmonious arrangement where the majority of folk enjoy sharing their environment with wildlife and delight in watching the foxy soap opera unfolding in their neighbourhood! Many people thoroughly enjoy having them as part of their community.

Most people find it an honour if a fox chooses to make it’s home in their garden and will put up with any inconvenience that may cause as it is no big deal but
not everybody feels the same. Sometimes it might be because of their noisy night-time gallivanting or it could be that they don’t like them digging in their garden and actually building an earth might be a step too far. That’s fine-we’re all different-but it is the way that the perceived problem is dealt with that is a cause for great alarm.

Some people immediately call the pest control without looking at the alternatives. Pest control companies will trap and shoot the foxes for you whether your neighbours like it or not. They refer to this as humane-in which way could it possibly be humane to deliberately lure a fox to it’s death by trapping it then leaving it there terrified whatever the weather for a number of hours until it is shot? Apart from being extremely cruel, absolutely unnecessary and pointless, it is completely undemocratic. Foxes can visit as many as 180 London gardens therefore although there might be hundreds who enjoy seeing the same foxes, it only takes one person who decides he doesn’t like them to have them trapped and shot. That can’t be right can it? As well as being unfair, it is never going to win one friends in the neighbourhood when the vast majority of people do not wish for them to be killed.

It is also a waste of money because fox populations are self regulating so within no time, more foxes move into the vacated area.

So, the humane deterrent route is the only  way to go. There is no cruelty involved and everyone is happy. Your garden is vacated, the foxes move on to a more hospitable area-no harm done. The idea is to make your garden unappealing to foxes and there are many ways of doing this. There are experts in fox deterrence who as well as being cheaper than pest control do not engage in barbaric methods in any way whatsoever.

On a smaller scale, products such as Scoot and Get Off My Garden have proven to be very effective and are available from hardware stores, garden centres etc. There is also a water driven gadget “Scarecrow” which works very well.

Foxes are not, and never have been classed as vermin.


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