Please help foxes too!

Many people phone me with concerns about foxes with mange. This is a condition which is very painful and can result in a horrible death for the fox if left untreated-it is also contagious to other foxes. It is treatable with homeopathic medicine Arsenicum and Sulphur and very easy to administer by putting it out daily for the fox in a jam or honey sandwich-they have a very sweet tooth!

Please don’t turn a blind eye and hope the problem will go away on it’s own-it won’t.. You could save a lot of suffering with minimal commitment. Please contact me for more details about obtaining the treatment or if you are worried about anything else foxy!

Below is a photo of a fox who friends of mine treated after I told them how easy it was-they were thrilled with the outcome-look how healthy she is after treatment.

Patch the fox

Patch the Fox

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