Mama Cat moves boxes! – March 2009

Back last year Luigi, who feeds Mama Cat and the other passing strays, had been warned by the police that there had been a complaint about the cats. It was alleged that a cat had damaged a car in an underground car park and the finger had been pointed at him-a scapegoat had been needed, quite apart from the fact that a cat wouldn’t generally go around scratching cars although people do VERY often! He was told not to feed them as feeding cats on the street is prohibited-this is all ridiculous of course and no solution to dealing with the many homeless cats.

It scared Luigi and got him into such a panic that it resulted in him moving 3 of the cats to another location further in the countryside where someone watches over them and feeds them. He visits weekly to check on them and take supplies but it is a terrible shame. One of the cats is Ghia, the bouncy tabby who I rescued from the roof where she was born and her friend Nerino. The other black cat  vanished and Luigi was worried that he had been killed but a few weeks later, he turned up back at his shop-it is a trip of several kilometres!

Luigi took us to visit Ghia and Nerino where they lived amongst orange groves along with 3 other cats who had been abandoned and a woman was feeding. They came running out and seem contented but I found it a bit sad. The other cats need  to be neutered soon too otherwise there will be a big problem.

Mama Cat's old box on the street
Mama Cat’s old box on the street

This situation worried me a lot and although I continue to try to speak to the Town Hall about the situation, they insist on upholding the no feeding ban instead of making authorised, dedicated feeding posts which is a far more effective and sensible option.

I was particularly worried about Mama Cat as she was such a constant presence outside Luigi’s shop and was worried something awful would happen to her as there are obviously cat haters at work round there. I tentatively asked Victor’s parents if they would consider taking her and although they already have two cats and a dog was thrilled when they said yes! Raquel who runs the new rescue group in Cambrils kindly offered to help transport her to her new home at Christmas and I was flapping about this end issuing instructions to the ‘in-laws’ to keep her in a pen for a few days and to make sure she couldn’t escape from the storeroom/triple garage where the animals hang out at night. I was so worried that they would all squabble when put in together but it was fine-the other cats refused to come in for a couple of days and Dinar, the German Shepherd, has always known her place where the cats are concerned ie beneath them, so all was well! Although there was plenty of space and lots of comfy beds, Mama Cat chose an old box to sleep in… can take the girl out of the street but you can’t take the street out of the girl!

Mama cat's new box in the warm
Mama cat’s new box in the warm

She is allowed to go where she likes now-there is a lovely garden all around the house and quiet and peaceful countryside beyond the fence but she mostly chooses to stay in the garage. It is funny because most cats who have lived their lives on the street are quite happy to never see the great outdoors again and are happy to do just as she is doing and snuggle in a warm  box indoors! She did used to love it when Luigi  put out a cardboard box for her to sit in so she has merely moved boxes in a sense but to a safer place where she has lots of strokes and food and out of imminent danger. Victor visited in January and said how happy she is and we also see her via webcam, (the wonder of technology!) but I look forward to seeing her on my upcoming trip in her cosy new life-lucky girl. She has been re-named Misi Gordi which translates roughly as Fatty but she is still the original Mama Cat to me!

Extra cuddles!
Extra cuddles!

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