Mama Cat in Spanish Newspaper, Aqui – July 2008

Mama Cat Trust was contacted by a journalist, Raquel Samaniego, from the Spanish newspaper Aqui
who had heard about our work. Below is the article which appeared in ‘Aqui’ and ‘Diari’ in July which I have translated for those who are not fluent in Catalan!

The sterilisation of cats, working in Cambrils

The British woman Karen Heath is carrying out a campaign to avoid the massive reproduction of street cats in Cambrils. Karen also has 15 years experience working on similar projects in England where she lives with Victor, her boyfriend, from Reus. Through her website, she explains to everyone about her work in Cambrils due to the massive amount of cats on the street that she found on her first visit two years ago.

“I would like to work in conjunction with the town hall for a successful campaign to sterilise the cats but they do not reply to my emails, “she explains.

To do this work, she has spent her own money for a voluntary task. One of the main criticisms by the Brit is that the local authority has forbidden the feeding and watering of the street cats in public places.

” I am surprised because this is inhumane and incredible” she affirms. “It looks like they don’t care about the animals as the money they spent on sterilisation is not sufficient,” she states.

In 3 years the town hall has sterilised 190 cats, female and male. “We carry out a campaign in collaboration with local citizens so they can bring in their cats and we’ll take them to the vets. The cost is €120 for females and €75 for males,” reassures the town hall.

Download original article published in Aqui (in PDF format, 188Kb)

Download entire edition of Aqui, inc. article (in PDF format, 2.5Mb)

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