Thank you from Mama Cat!

Not all Mama Cat Trust supporters and followers celebrate Christmas but for those who do, Merry Christmas to you! For those who don’t, have a wonderful week!

There are exciting changes coming in the new year-more of this soon but for now, thank you for all your support-it is very much appreciated and helps to save many animals.

Please spare a thought for strays and wildlife at this time of year by leaving out a bowl of water, food and maybe even a simple shelter. If you see a fox in trouble, please do something about it especially if they have mange-it is easily treated in situ. Don’t leave it too late-they will die in pain from something that is easily treatable. I have been treating foxes for mange for years and rescuing more and more but recently I had to pick up one cub who was too far gone with mange and he died. He need not have done-make it a new year resolution to be vigilant and a little help can go a very long way! I will be looking for a network of volunteers to join a fox rescue group as part of Mama Cat Trust. Contact me at


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Urgent! Could you help Neo and other animals needing foster homes?

Neo is not a stray but needs a temporary foster home for 6 months in the UK while his owner is travelling abroad. I know and love Neo so want to find him somewhere which will make him happy! He will make you happy too-he is a lovely boy with a lot of character.


Food etc would be provided and any expenses covered. Any vet visits would also be paid for.

He has a couple of very easily managed health problems i.e. a heart pill which he munches like a sweet and an occasional flare up of skin problems which are easily treated-nothing complicated at all! He would need to be kept indoors with no chance of escape for a few weeks then it would be nice if he could have some monitored outside access in a safe area.


He is a solo cat but is usually fine with other cats-one cat used to come into his house and they got on just fine! It is possible that he would get on ok with a dog. All animals are different-some get on with some other animals but not others-like people :-) We need to know as soon as possible as if nowhere can be found, he will have to go to Bulgaria to stay with family members there but it is far from ideal for a number of reasons.


Could you help? This would especially suit someone who might not want the commitment of taking on an animal permanently but he would fit in to many other situations-do ask me!


London would be ideal so that I could help if there are any issues or changes of plan but it depends on the situation and resources.


I am also always looking for short term fosters for cats that I rescue-anything from a few days to a bit longer while I look for permanent homes. Sometimes cats need to come in at very short notice but I have nowhere for them to go. If you would like me to add you to my list of potential fosterers or can give a temporary home to Neo, please contact me at

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Homes needed urgently! Neuter your pets!

This has been the year of the garden cats! It has just been one lot after another-I have never known it to be so bad…it’s never-ending. Of course, none of this would happen if people neutered their cats. Female cats can get pregnant at 4 months old and although some vets still recommend neutering at 5-6 months, many now realise that this is not early enough and thankfully, have changed to earlier sterilising. It is obviously better to neuter early than have more unwanted kittens when there are thousands of cats already homeless. It is even worse for a little four month old cat, still a kitten herself, to have to grow through a 9 week pregnancy then have to bring up kittens of her own. Imagine how much worse again when the poor cat is a stray outside having to fend for itself AND a litter. This is unnecessary suffering-neuter your cats and encourage others to do so-it’s a life saver. There are schemes for free neutering if you are on a low income or wanting to have stray cats neutered. Don’t wait until it is too late! Please contact me with any questions.

When kittens are born outside and not socialised i.e. not used to being handled by people, it becomes very difficult for them to be tamed, therefore almost impossible to home. Eight weeks is the cut-off point-anything after that can be very hard indeed as they have become feral. There are more than enough friendly, affectionate kittens who there are not enough homes for without adding a load more untouchable ones to the mix!

I picked up a family of five garden cats today for neutering who have to go back outside. I absolutely hate putting them back but there is no choice-we are all overwhelmed with cats and massive waiting lists. I need to find homes for them urgently but for now they will be returned to the garden that they came from where they are living as strays. There have already been a couple of litters born but today that at least, has ended-I had them all neutered so their lives have improved a lot! Now I need to find special homes.

Whole feral fam bird's eye!

The mum, Billie, is all black and totally friendly and sweet-she has obviously had a home in the past.

Whole feral family Bane is a fluffy tabby boy, previously thought to be a girl as the kittens were always trying to suckle from him! He is a tiny bit shy but that would go quickly.

Skinny Pete is also a girl with a boys name-a skittish tabby but full of character. She would come round with patience and love.


Skinny Pete?These two little ones would also get braver after a short while-Mike, (Tyson,) the black one, is quite cheeky and bold and his brother Cheetara is quite the baby-very timid but not at all aggressive and would soon respond to love. They all need a little patience but would reward you with their trust-it is such a special feeling when that happens. I would like them to go as a pair-they love to cuddle!

Mike and tabby

Mike on wallBaby Mike


All homes would be subject to a home check and adoption donation. If this could be you, please email me

Up until now, I have been so pleased to find the best homes for the cats and kittens that I rescue that I usually don’t ask for an adoption donation but I really need to in future in  order to continue to rescue. I have high veterinary bills which have to be paid and as I am entirely self funded, this can run to a lot of money to raise. Each animal that I rescue will have incurred many costs at the vets as well as flea and worming treatment and good quality food before it reaches it’s new home in tip-top condition. A mum and kittens will have often cost several hundred pounds. Thankfully, some people do give a donation anyway which is always gratefully received but it will now need to be part of the adoption procedure, although there will be no set fee. It is very rare that a donation is received when I help someone to solve their cat problem whether it be rehoming their own unwanted cat or dealing with a stray, trapping garden cats which are causing issues for them and their neighbours, helping with behaviour issues, supplying fox advice and mange treatment and a myriad of other things I am asked to help with. These things also cost a lot of money!

As Autumn comes, I hope to start making some changes to Mama Cat Trust and look forward to exciting times ahead!

Cat with apple in mouth!


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Plenty of mama cats and kittens for Mama Cat Trust!

I have hardly had a minute to breathe as I have been rescuing so many cats and kittens-it is worse than ever on my own doorstep let alone elsewhere and in Spain. I have never known it to be so bad-it is never ending. Please, if you see a pregnant stray cat or suspect kittens have been born outside, please contact as many rescues as you can as soon as you possibly can until you find one who will help-it stops the problem escalating out of control. AND NEUTER YOUR CATS! They need to be neutered BEFORE the age of 6 months-females can and frequently do come into season at 4 months and if your vet says wait until 6 months, find another vet who will do it now! And the males need castrating to stop them catching Feline Aids or other fatal diseases or wandering and getting lost, run over while roaming too far or injured in fights-so, so many lost cats are unneutered boys-every single cat that I have rescued this year, male or female, is not neutered which definitely contributed to them becoming a stray. Obviously, this goes for dogs too-neuter your dogs-the shelters are full of them.

Black feral mum +kits at Evina's

On my last short Spanish trip in April, the night before I was returning to London, I thought I could hear a plaintive cry from bushes just inside the park which was locked for the night. I bent down and tried to separate the thick bushes as I could hear the desperate meows of what sounded to my seasoned ears, to be a tiny kitten of around 4 weeks. It was rustling away in the bushes and crying in response to my voice but did not emerge-there was nothing I could do but wait until daylight in a few hours and go back armed with food-I hoped the poor thing would just sleep as it was now very late. I went back early and put some food as near as I could get-the park was not yet open-and called again. It answered immediately and soon came clambering out of the bush. It was as I thought, a tiny 4 week old-it had obviously been dumped rather than a born outside feral as it was socialised and thrilled to see me. How could anyone dump a tiny barely weaned kitten in a bush to fend for itself? It was in the park where I had previously neutered all the feline occupants and there is a little food left there by a feeder but that is just not good enough-the poor tiny girl was terrified. I bundled her into a box and back to the apartment all the time panicking as I knew I was catching the plane back later that day.


My lovely friends at Jardinet Dels Gats in Barcelona kindly said they would take her but I would not have been able to get there and back on the train in time to get to the airport. I was in such panic! In the end, after dashing around to buy kitten formula and one night of hastily organised foster with Marie, Vanesa at newly formed Amigats in Cambrils came to the rescue! Vanesa personally looked after the little tabby cutie until she was old enough to be placed and then found a most wonderful home with Mia and her new rescue dog who became firm friends immediately!

Sora and merlin

This is Grace when she was being fed as a stray at a home nearby-they were worried that she was pregnant…


A week later, I was called out to a cat in a front garden near here-she looked to be  in a bad way and was absolutely terrified and rigid with fear. On the way to the vet in the car, I thought she had died but she was just in some sort of collapse. At the vets, she lashed out so much that she had go under anaesthetic to be examined. They phoned me to say she had milk! I realised her kittens must be in a shed which had had it’s door closed near where she was found and set about trying to find them-I released her into the shed which was very full of furniture and junk to see if she stayed in there which meant they were there. She determinedly clambered through the piles of stuff so I shut her in there overnight with food, water and a litter tray so she could nurse her babies and stay safe-the last thing I wanted her to do was to try to move them. I went early the next day with my trap but she was not wanting to leave her babies so after going back and forth all day, I had to slowly and carefully start dismantling the contents. I did not know how old the kittens were but if they were tiny, I had to be careful not to let anything fall and squash them. I eventually found them all in a tea chest full of clothes and china and could see that they were just a few days old so it still took me a long time to move everything in a safe manner. When I got them all, I emptied out the rest of the tea chest and found one tiny little kitten who hadn’t made it-it was so small that I don’t think it had made it past birth. I buried the poor little mite in my garden. Once they were all safely ensconced in a pen in my house, I set about calming the mum down as she still flew at me but I  really didn’t think she was feral. She wasn’t! It only took a day to have her like putty in my hand and I packed the pen away-she was a poppet-I then realised that this was Grace!


So, now we are a few weeks on and they are almost ready for fantastic homes-I am homing them in two pairs-two kittens will go together and the other with it’s mum. As usual, I am hoping to home with people who I know so that we can stay in contact! If that is you, please get in touch-

photo-26   photo-64 photo-62 photo-57 photo-55 photo-56 photo-49 photo-53 photo-54photo-42photo-41photo-35photo-403 kits3kits JeremyJuliet windowJeremyphoto-50

I was lucky in finding a fab home for another stray who I named Edie-she was homed just a few metres from where I had trapped her as a very timid young cat. My friend had been feeding her outside for a couple of weeks-as well as feeding Grace before she gave birth in a shed. I had been asking around the street to see if anyone owned her and got talking to someone who said they wanted a cat……voila-it really was Edie’s lucky day!


I was recently told about a situation locally where there were a few cats who were causing problems for a couple of people who objected to them and the mess they were making. Obviously, it is not the fault of the cats but the people who moved away and abandoned them but some people don’t see it that way. It was quite complicated to piece together-there were two nursing mothers and I had to locate the kittens. We put flyers through doors in an effort to find them, (thanks Tash!) but nobody called at first so I used my powers of detection to locate them!

photo-33unnamedmoving crusher It was quite an undertaking as there were 12 cats and kittens over two gardens and after a lot of clambering over walls, I trapped three adults and nine kittens, all semi feral and unsocialised.  Although I have a lot of experience with taming ferals and normally take it on willingly, I already had my hands, (and house,) full with no space or time to spare for the intensive work needed and was so lucky to be offered help from Catcuddles Sanctuary-this was invaluable.  Thank you Evina! Three other friendly cats were homed so that was 15 dealt with-sadly no thank you’s from the people who complained though and whose life I had made a lot easier by getting all those cats of the street. I do still need to catch the tom cat. Two of the cats were returned after neutering and vet treatment as they were offered a lovely home with the family whose garden they had been camping out in. This is the story from the point of view of their new family…

16 Strays in 2 Gardens Looking out of the window, over the gardens one morning, I spotted a litter of six black kittens in the neighbour’s garden. I called my children and we watched the cute little lot, hopping about, chasing each other, watched by their mum, a very young looking black cat. The next morning, looking out of the window to check on the feline neighbours, I had a huge surprise: our own litter! Tortoiseshell mum (I noticed her mid April, heavily pregnant, roaming around the area) introducing her little ones to the world – 3 ginger and 2 black cuties, born behind our shed and to my counting about 5 to 6 weeks old. We were thrilled, but also worried about what to do with them. The mum was extremely shy, the kittens were too. We started feeding them, and engaging with them as much as possible – but apart from letting us stroke them (the kittens only – not the mum) while they were feeding, they didn’t tolerate being handled. The mum seemed happy to accept the feeding schedule -breakfast and tea time – and made sure her family were there, calling them to the bowls. We asked around for people to offer homes to the kittens. We posted a video of them on YouTube and successfully placed two – leaving still 3, not counting the mum. Tons of interest, but no takers. My worry grew with the kittens (and the neighbour’s kittens), soon they’d be old enough to climb over the garden walls and possibly run into the street.  Meanwhile, our garden smelled like an unattended litter tray, and flies started to buzz around the flowerbeds, now toilet to around 9 cats – our cat family of 6, plus 1 young stray ginger cat that lived in the gardens already, and very sweetly helped looking out as a kind of babysitter for both litters, plus the 2 tomcat/dads roaming the area, spraying the territory at regular intervals. I called the local cat charity, but they didn’t have enough space for the whole family and they wouldn’t come out to collect them, I’d have to bring them. We don’t have a car or cat carriers and how would you trap strays? They gave me numbers for the well known national charities plus another-I called them and gave my details; they promised to call back. One eventually called after some days, leaving a message that they called, I called them – answer phone, leaving a message that I called – this went on for a couple of days. In the meantime I got a flyer from Mama Cat Trust through the door, asking for help with locating the very mums and their kittens that lived in our and the neighbour’s garden. I googled  Mama Cat Trust that night. The next day, I had another call from the big charity on my answer machine, that I returned to their answer machine… I turned my mobile up to loud and went to empty the bins when I saw this woman going by the house, looking at the house, looking past me through the open door into the garden, seeing the kittens, and at the same time I recognized her from the pictures on Google as Karen from Mama Cat Trust. I asked her in and within 20 minutes she proposed to pick the mum cat and kittens up the following Sunday and have them neutered and looked after! She spoke to the neighbours and they agreed to the same plan.  Karen brought the cages round on Saturday, so the cats could get used to them, and indeed our lot happily had their breakfast and tea in them! We were told to withhold their second meal, to ensure they would want to have what’d be in the traps. Sunday afternoon Karen arrived, dead on time, and went to work, focussed and calm, trapping patiently cat by cat in a  3 and a half hours operation. We were very sad when all the cats were loaded into Karen’s car and driven away, but anticipating their future to be bright, as Karen had secured for all of them to be fostered at Catcuddles Sanctuary until placed.  The garden was ours again and we set to it to hose down the toilet areas, disperse the flies and dig out the broken plants.  The next morning, not being greeted by our little cat family was tough, but we knew one of them, the babysitter to the two litters, would come back and be our forever-cat. She is here now, our Gingey, recovering from the loss of fur due to the many fleas, and the shaving from her neutering. She had her follow up check and her vaccination, and is becoming more and more confident, even jumping on our laps now for stroking. We follow Karen’s blog for news of our strays; things are looking good for them! Thanks to Mama Cat Trust. I did finally get a call, person to person, from the big charity on the day Gingey came back: ‘We heard you have a litter of stray cats in your garden’. Me: ‘Not any more – Mama Cat Trust took care of it.’

Since this was written, Gingey’s new family also offered a home to the tortie mum who was the most feral of them all so I went and collected her from the sanctuary and took her back to her old home which was now also her new home! A happy ending!

unnamed-2Mum 1

Thanks again to those who responded so positively by pledging to donate by monthly standing order-it is so reassuring to know that people care and that there is some regular money coming in. It really is invaluable and if anybody else would like to make a regular donation in this way, please contact me for the Mama Cat Trust bank account details.

Another way to donate is to buy something from the Amazon wishlist-

Or there is a link to the list on the Facebook page.

There is also the Paypal button on this page.

Enjoy the Summer!



Spring is on the way!


It is that time of year when some Spring cleaning is in order and some ‘out with the old and in with the new’ so here at Mama Cat Trust, in what is supposed to be a quieter time, I have been trying to catch up with everything I haven’t had time to do because there are always animals to be be rescued. As well as pulling out all the stops to re-home animals who have been waiting quite a while, helping with the neutering of many of the owned neighbourhood cats here in London and dealing with all the day to day animal problems of which there are as many as ever, I’ve been planning projects, reassessing things and freshening things up. I am in the process of designing a new logo and changing the website-and I am hoping to have a bit of a relaunch!


I have also been trying to plan much needed fund-raising events but this gets pushed to the back when there are animal emergencies…which there always are! Fundraising really should be a priority as I cannot help animals without money and funds are always low-I am very resourceful and am quite proud that I can make a little go a long way but I am not a magician and there is nothing I can do about expensive vet fees. I am off to Spain soon but fear I will not be able to get much done as I do not have the funds-it is 70 euros for a cat spay for a start-that is with discount. I will do my best and will also try to meet up with as many of my Spanish contacts as possible to see if there is anything else we can do by working together but it’s the same story, without funds, it is almost impossible. The problem is getting worse out there with the recession combined with the general attitude to street animals.

At the port

At the port

On my last trip, I was happy to find homes for a record number of cats but it was so stressful-so much so that I was wondering if I would be able to continue in Spain. I definitely won’t be able to do much neutering without the funds but will always do whatever I can including other veterinary treatment. I am dreading what I will see this time to be honest. Last time I ended up having to arrange for almost blind Carmen to be fostered and brought to the UK where she is now thriving and before that, two abandoned kittens who were causing mayhem in one of my settled, neutered colonies where they had been rejected. There was nowhere else for them to go and the same with Carmen and I just could not in good conscience leave them on the street as I would have been as bad as the people who had abandoned them in the first place.



Of course, I have to leave many, many cats on the streets but when they are feral, this is best for them. This is also not a bad life even for friendly strays especially when they are in settled, safe, sterilised, fed colonies and certainly better than being stuck in a shelter with no chance of a home but for some, it is so distressing and hazardous. Many are in danger of serious injury, abuse and poisoning. The kittens that I have brought over have definitely been in that category. I have now found a great transport company who I can rely on and who give me a good rate so the costs in doing this are not bad at all-hello Chris!


Thanks again to those who responded so positively by pledging to donate by monthly standing order-it is so reassuring to know that people care and that there is some regular money coming in. It really is invaluable and if anybody else would like to make a regular donation in this way, please contact me for the Mama Cat Trust bank account details.

Another way to donate is to buy something from the Amazon wishlist-I was delighted to receive several items from it soon after I compiled it!

Or there is a link to the list on the Facebook page.

There is also the Paypal button on this page.

Carmen, who I rescued in Spain on my last visit is doing extraordinarily well after having her damaged eye removed in January. She went in for a simple procedure but when the vet examined her under anaesthetic, although we had tried so hard to save it, she said the eye needed to be removed. She was spayed at the same time, at about 4 and a half months of age, having come into season on top of everything else over the new year. People find it hard to believe that a kitten can become pregnant so young but they can and do so it is best to have them spayed at 4 months old. Some vets will do it even sooner now as they realise that is preferable to adding yet another litter of kittens for which there are never enough homes.

Carmen on lapIMG_3797

Carmen was a ball of energy after her op and was racing around like a mad thing, demolishing everything in her path! Her remaining eye is cloudy but she has some vision which is really great news. She is always playing and ambushing the other cats and plays Fetch!

Over this last week, I said goodbye to my lovely pigeon, Red Legs who I have keeping an eye on and feeding for a few years. He always had damaged feet and although he was part of a small group of pigeons, was also slightly apart from them and would sometimes come to my window on his own for a treat. I don’t know what happened-I just noticed him in the distance seeming a little slow so made a note to try to check him out but the next day when I was going to do so, he didn’t come to my call so I walked over to the park opposite and found his little body immediately. I felt so sad and took him home and buried him in my front garden where he loved to hang out. I miss him.

On a happier note for this last week, I homed Miffy the cat who had been living as a stray in someone’s garden-she is such a sweet and laid back girl and settled into her new life immediately as if she had been there forever-she was sleeping on a human’s bed that very night, lucky Miffy!


I also homed Dudley the rabbit who had been in a long term foster home where he had the sitting room to himself as a big bunny playground where he could do what he liked! He had not had much interaction recently so I wasn’t sure how he would react when I went to catch him but he was fine after his initial surprise that he wasn’t just to continue doing his own thing! He was so sweet and receptive to strokes and lap sitting-he had a sleepover here for a couple of nights before taking his trip up to his lovely new home in Hull where he will be an indoor rabbit with lots of freedom and lots of rabbit items in pink! He too has settled in wonderfully.


Finally, I would like to thank the family of Doris James who died on Christmas Day-at her funeral, they requested donations instead of flowers to two charities close to Doris’s heart, one of which was Mama Cat. I had helped Doris with many cats over the years-all the strays seemed to find her, in fact we first met about 20 years ago because of a stray who I called Chico. I had been feeding him in my garden and did my usual trick to see if had an owner, of putting a collar on him with a label attached saying ‘if this is your cat, please call…’  Doris called to say he wasn’t her cat either but she was also feeding him! The rest, as they say, is history and we had a long history of lots of cats! The mum and kittens I took in from the grounds of  the church last year were due to Doris because the young cat had gone begging at her door. There have been many others who she gave shelter to or who I found homes for. RIP Doris-I will miss her a lot but so will the local cats and foxes who she fed every day!

Fox on wall 1


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Merry Christmas from Mama Cat!

Well, what an adventure-Carmen is here all the way from Spain just in time for Christmas! In writing the title, it has just occurred to me that she is the same calico colour as the original, now sadly deceased, Mama cat who started it all. I like that! When I first picked her up from the streets, Carmen was blind and had a huge ulcer on one eye which looked like her eye was popping out but with careful nursing and medication, she can now see-it’s amazing! She doesn’t have 20/20 vision or anything like that and she still has a long way to go and more treatment but I was surprised that she could see so well when she arrived.Carmen on chair

She may still need to have one eye removed but we are trying to save it. I’m giving her medication and treating the eyes-she is such a feisty little thing now and wrestles with me when I’m doing it but forgives me and purrs and head-butts me immediately. It is such a delight to see her belting round playing and batting things all over the place. She can see enough to find hidden toys and ambush the big cats and antagonise them although they are mostly taking it quite well considering they are spoilt brats! There are lots of hisses and growls but she is not deterred in her quest to make them like her…and I think she will win. She slept with them on the bed from the first night and hasn’t looked back. I love that I can see how far she is come both literally and metaphorically-from blind on the street to a life of luxury where her wish is my command!

Carmen asleep in cushions

Thank you to everybody who has supported us this last year and who has helped Carmen get to the UK. Special thanks to Alex Salvador, Victoria and all at El Jardinet dels Gats who were as fantastic as ever, to Miguel and Lorena for fostering Carmen so lovingly and to Chris Marshall at ALStrays for transporting her from Spain to the UK and magically sorting problems that others would have baulked at-brilliant!

Me and Carmen when first arrived

Thanks too to everybody who pledged to donate to Mama Cat Trust by monthly standing order-this is great news for continuing to treat as many animals as possible both here in the UK and in Spain. I have managed to help even more animals this year than before.

Over the festive season, please remember a few things that are a danger to cats and dogs-never give them chocolate, raisins, grapes, mince pies etc-they can be highly toxic. Poinsettias and lilies are highly poisonous to cats and you need to make sure pets do not chew holly, mistletoe and christmas cactus. If in doubt about something your pet has chewed-google it-it could save a lot of distress. Here’s my Cristina demonstrating not chewing christmas lights. (I had to buy new lights after she tangled them so badly last year, that they reached the point of no return!)

Cristina and lights

One last thing-it is mating time for foxes now so if you hear the most terrible noises coming from your garden, they are just doing what comes naturally however unnatural it may sound sometimes! If you see a fox in trouble, please try to help. If they have mange, they can be successfully treated-it shouldn’t be left-it is very painful and ultimately fatal. Contact me or check out the Fox Project’s website for constructive advice.

Be kind and compassionate to animals and have a very Merry Christmas!

Happy stories and a cat called Halloween!

Well, it has been a stressful few months with lots of problems but so many happy endings which make it all worthwhile.

All the cats and kittens that I have homed have come up trumps with the very best homes-I am very happy! The church grounds kittens were homed in pairs and the lovely young mummycat is now chasing toys and playing ‘fetch’ much to the delight of her new family, when she drops the toy at their feet to be thrown and retrieved again-she’s having the kittenhood she never had and running them ragged!


The recent trip to Spain was chock-a-block full of problems-everywhere I turned there was another. I was very perturbed to find that one colony where I had sterilised every cat, about twenty altogether, leaving it stable and healthy a few years ago, had new arrivals. The man and his son who feed the cats and who we have got to know over the years,  were exasperated as they had tried to avert a disaster and get help with neutering, to no avail-nobody answered their call. A mother cat had arrived then given birth plus two other females-it was all a bit confusing but there seemed to be 3 generations including tiny kittens scuttling about with no mother as she had been killed by a car. It is an off the road area but because of this, cars visiting the boatyard drive too fast and take them by surprise and many have been killed that way-it is very sad as it is a quiet place otherwise and they are fed by the two men there as well as fishermen. Over the years, numbers had gone down and they were down to just three recently-that is now up to about 10-15 again including kittens. They don’t mind feeding a couple but cannot cope with that number. I am trying to resolve it but it is difficult when I am here-I only found out just before I returned to the UK-too late to do anything. There were many similar stories. There seemed to be a real upturn in the number of friendly cats and kittens being dumped-they had obviously been living in homes only to be turned out into some quite dangerous areas.  I did feel very frustrated and downhearted but I will focus on all the good things that happened-there were quite a few.


On my very first day, when checking an area where I have sterilised many cats, I looked over a wall and saw a tiny calico kitten curled up on a slab. I thought she was dead but when I reached through the wire and touched her, she jumped up and was thrilled and purring so loudly but I immediately saw that her eyes were badly ulcerated and she could hardly see.  It is a place where the cats are fed and someone had just left her there to take her chances. She was about 6 weeks old. I scooped her up immediately and she was delighted!

Carmen close up

There was another new friendly one there too, no older than a year and so snowy white that she couldn’t have been there long either. She was so keen for attention, she would chase me along the road meowing every day after that.


I took the baby to the vets and had to give her a lot of different medications several times a day. She insisted on coming to bed and sleeping on or next to my head and although she couldn’t see, she worked out where everything was-she is the jolliest little kitten you could ever meet-she is amazing! She doesn’t let her lack of sight stop her-she plays like crazy-she didn’t at first but I got her chasing crinkly, noisy things and she soon got the hang of it and was belting around!



After over a week of looking after her, we took her to Barcelona on the train where she is now being fostered by my fantastic friends at Jardinet Del Gats-she slept for the whole journey after an initial five minutes of frantically trying to grab me through the bars of her carrier!


Her eyes are improving with treatment and it is hoped that we can save one eye and that she will see a little. Even in the week that I was treating her eyes, there was a big improvement. I have almost daily reports and photos and I am still trying to decide what is best for her-to come to the UK or to try to find a wonderful home in Spain-it’s a dilemma. thank you, as ever, to Alex and all at Jardinet-you are fantastic!


I found homes for several cats on this trip for the first time ever. A few of the cats that I sterilised, I was not at all happy about putting back on the street as they were so friendly but more importantly, the area was not safe-there has been a lot of poisoning in the past as well as death from illness and on the road. One of the kittens I had neutered was the sole survivor from her litter-all had been killed on the road and the lovely, friendly mother cat still crossed it  a lot. I was so happy when they were adopted by a couple with a house and large grounds away from the roads-so lucky!


Released after neutering, complete with blue antiseptic!


I also homed another tiny kitten who I saw disappearing into a hole in a wall-when I shone my torch in, it was hissing and terrified. He hadn’t been around the day before-it was where cats are fed by my friend Luigi so again someone just decided to dump it there. I had to set my trap and keep some distance away as it was so scared but fortunately so hungry that it went in really quickly. Luckily, a kind lady, Annie, who worked next door said she would give the kitten a home and wasn’t put off by the hissing so we rigged up a makeshift litter tray etc and it went off to it’s new life newly named as Halloween! It immediately took up residence behind the fridge and has not been brave enough to venture out when she is there but Annie tells me that it has an excellent appetite! Hopefully, it will become more brave-thank you Annie!



After I had the young friendly white and ginger cat sterilised, I had to take her to the apartment immediately after neutering when she was still under unconscious so she ended up spending another 24 hours there after which time I definitely did not want to put her back in the bad area. What a sweetheart! You have never seen such a grateful and well-behaved cat-she just sat on a little sheet and hardly moved except to roll over and purr when you stroked her. My friend Katri kindly offered to foster her for me and she found a lovely home-she will soon be going to live in Barcelona with another cat and her new mum and dad-wonderful!


One cat who definitely did not want a home at all was one of the most feral cats ever-she was absolutely furious when she was trapped and ran like the wind when released. I never saw her again but I expect she saw me and hid!


I had meetings with a few animal-minded people that I hadn’t met before and who want to help the situation but feel equally frustrated and met up with various cat/dog people who I already knew from previous times-I hope that we can all pull together to find some solutions.

I saw my beloved Rodrigo at the port-the first time I met him several years ago, he was ill and I had to hand feed him and medicate him in the rocks. He is always a bit battered and scarred but so full of beans and  I always wonder if I will see him again next time but he is always there. Every time I go, I give him an injection of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory and a clean up-he’s come to expect it and it keeps him going until next time-I just wish he would stop brawling-he was neutered over 10 years ago and is too long in the tooth for all of that-silly boy!


Thank you to Fernando for driving me to the vets, the airport and  and allsorts-it was such a help and made things less stressful than they would have been.

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